Off Limits Zine

For my final design capstone project, I was tasked with designing something that solved a problem I was passionate about. I chose to take on the issue of STIs, something I feel we do not talk about about nearly enough considering that they are a public health issue affecting 1 in 5 people in the US, and the stigma that often comes along with them. Beginning with an intensive research phase and over a dozen one-on-one interviews, the goal of this zine design was to create a platform for people to share their stories around often-stigmatized sexual health topics, with the wholehearted belief that “stories kill stigma” and that both hearing and sharing them can result in greater empathy for our own and others’ experiences.

Included in this project is a mockup of a social media campaign designed to raise awareness and reach a broader community, with the goal of making this zine a collective project, using the hashtag #storieskillstigma.